1. Chemical State Analyses by Soft X-ray Emission Spectroscopy
    Masami Terauchi and Yohei Sato. Center for Advanced Microscopy and Spectroscopy, Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials, Tohoku University
    A metallization of Si-sp3 network of Na8Si46 and a chemical state distribution in Na-doped CaB6, were observed by using a commercial EPMA-SXES instrument. Information observed in L-emission of 3d transition metal elements obtained by an original SEM-SXES instrument is discussed.
  2. Metal fatigue
    Metal fatigue

    SEM is an important tool in understanding failure mechanisms related to metal fatigue.
    Understanding the root cause of a metal fracture is often found by studying the microstructure at the fracture surface. With the higher depth of field and resolution that can be achieved with SEM, it is easy to examine this microstructure.

  3. LIBnote : Lithium ion battery basic structure and fabrication process
  4. TEM-HAADF - Quantification du contraste HAADF
  5. YOKOGUSHI - Study of a gold star mothers stamp
  6. SEM - Extreme Low Voltage Imaging with JEOL FE-SEMs
  7. SEM - CD Energy Filter-UED
  8. TEM - TEM sample holder for Lithium or air sensitive sample study
  9. SEM - 3D Image software
  10. MS SpiralTOF - TOF Synthetic Polymer Structure Analysis PPG
  11. SEM - What is the magnification ?
  12. JSX-JXA - Analyse by X ray fluorescence and microprobe of crasks in brass piping parts

  1. Yokogushi : TEM & NMR combine technique for full crystaline structure

    Crystalline structure including hydrogen atoms are now available from nano- to micro-crystals of 100 nm to 1 μm using electron and NMR nano-crystallography approach. The overall crystalline structures can be determined by electron diffraction (ED) which is one of the observation mode of transmission electron microscope (TEM).
  2. Direct analysis of a methanol flame by using a compact high-resolution multi-turn mass spectrometer
    The InfiTOF can be used for “In-situ” high-resolution monitoring of real-time gas phase reactions like combustion. In this work, we show the real-time monitoring of combustion products in a diffuse methanol flame by using this compact high resolution TOF-MS system.
  3. Analysis of a gas mixture containing ammonia and methane by using a compact high-resolution multi-turn mass spectrometer
    Analysis of a chemical ionization reagent gas consisting of a 5% mixture of ammonia in methane is demonstrated by using the JEOL InfiTOFTM compact high-resolution mass spectrometer.
  4. Real time monitoring for gas phase h/d exchange reaction in H2O and D2O by using a compact high-resolution multi-turn mass spectrometer
    The InfiTOF is suitable for real time gas reaction monitoring. In this report, we showed real time monitoring for H/D exchange reaction of light water (H2O) and heavy water (D2O) which is one of the simplest chemical reaction.
  5. YOKOGUSHI-Study of a gold star mothers stamp
  6. In  this  applications  note,  we  performed  an  analysis  of  a  Gold  Star Mothers  Postage  Stamp  by  using  three  JEOL  instruments.  We  used  the JSM-IT300LV, the JMS-T100LP  « AccuTOF-DART » and the JMS-S3000 « SpiralTOF ».
  7. MS SpiralTOF MALDI for small molecule analysis : A complex drug mixture
    This is shown here for the high-resolution analysis of a mixture of 32 small-molecule drugs analyzed by MALDI with the JEOL SpiralTOF mass spectrometer.
  8. MS SpiralTOF-TOF Synthetic Polymer Structure Anlaysis PPG
  9. In this work, we analyzed Polypropylene Glycol (PPG) by using the JMS-S3000 SpiralTOF with the TOF-TOF option.
  10. NMR Single-Tuned 4 mm Cryocoil MAS Probe
  11. A tunable single-tuned 4 mm Cryocoil MAS probe was developed, and demonstrated for 6Li and 29Si under 14.1 T WB magnet.